Violet Flame Practitioner Certified


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Violet Flame Practitioner Level

Violet FlameThe Violet Flame Healing | Transmuting Negative Energy to Positive Energy.

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Violet Flame Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Conclusion
  • Violet Flame Practitioner Certificate issued on completion


There are English closed caption subtitles added to all videos that can be translated into French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Attunement Booking Form: When you start your course you will be instructed how to spend 1 week in preparation for your Violet Flame Attunement. Please book the attunement that can be found in the navigation menu at least 1 week from the time you enrol or a bit longer at a time that suits you.


As with all complementary and alternative therapies, none of the treatments listed on my website or in the training lessons and manuals are meant to be a substitute for proper medical diagnosis, treatment or care from your GP.

I do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medication or interfere with a GP’s treatment.

If you are currently taking medication prescribed by your GP, do not stop taking it without his/her advice.

If you have any concerns regarding your medical condition, please speak with your GP first.

I do not accept responsibility if you choose to treat yourself using any information from my website or training manuals.

I accept no responsibility for any loss or damages caused as a direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of any information contained in this reiki course, which includes audio, videos, recommendations, and manuals.

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