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These Free Usui Ryoho Reiki Courses have everything you need to learn how to become a qualified Reiki practitioner and master. The courses are for Reiki Practitioners beginners to advanced Reiki Masters.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Video Courses

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is the traditional system created by Mikao Usui who rediscovered Reiki in Japan in 1922 and created this Reiki system, the first Reiki system that ever existed. These in-depth courses will help students of all levels become competent and powerful healers.

Reiki at Work

The Reiki heals the disharmonies and depletions of the energy body to pass on to the mental and physical needs with chi life force energy that clears blocked energy and chakras and restores harmony and balance of the whole being. It changes the energetic vibration of energy. Everything, including thoughts, emotions and energetic and physical body has a vibration. The differences in vibration can be distinguished in levels and forms of manifestation of energy in matter, mind, and spirit.

Vibrations resonate and vibrate at different levels and rates that vary depending on our mood, emotions and generally what is happening in our lives. Spirit has a much higher vibration and frequency than the physical world of matter and our spirit reflects all disharmonies of our mind, body and spirit. This is where Reiki can work best to transmute these energies from disharmony to positive energy that helps to bring balance and harmony to the whole being.

The mind, body and spirit change vibrations from one vibration to another as all aspects of our being affect our current state of vibration from one minute to the next. Reiki is a universal or spiritual energy that vibrates and resonates at a very high vibration when applied in healing can transform that energy of those being healing to raise it into a higher state of positivity and balance that can bring about harmony between all things we and holistically. So, it will raise the vibration of those being healed. Some have experienced such amazing changes in their vibrations and energy that it has been said to perform “miracles.” This is Reiki healing at its best.