About My Free Courses and Myself

About the Free Courses on YouTube

The Free Reiki courses are all comprehensive in-depth courses that will teach you all the fundamentals to become a proficient and powerful healer. The lessons are all on video (some with an automated voice as my reading is terrible.) Some of the video lessons are demonstrations. The courses have the correct qualified certification in Microsoft Word and the Manuals are in PDF. Students can also download the appropriate manual for each course that will be under the video description. Most manuals are under the attunement videos. Students can then leave comments on the videos. The manuals are read by a text reader as my reading is not the best.

About Neil – Reiki Master & Teacher

Former Shepherd

Neil the Shepherd in 1986

My name is Neil and I have been healing since 1995 when I had my spiritual awakening. I have been a spiritual healer since 1995, and have been practising Reiki since 2016 and teaching Reiki since 2017. I first started to learn Reiki 1 and 2 in person in 2015. Then I took my Reiki Master level in 2016 and did my teaching Master level in 2017. I love Reiki and care very deeply about doing my best to help my clients and teaching my students the correct ways of giving Reiki for self-healing and healing clients.

I have had good success healing people in my home and distantly since that time. I also have had some amazing Reiki students, who are doing so well that they have taken Reiki 1 to Reiki Master levels with me. I am a very caring and considerate person and I love to help people who are suffering, this is why I like healing people. It is a gift to be able to pass these healing energies on to others and see how they can benefit a good number of people who are open to them and ready to heal.

In most cases, I would say Reiki is a good thing for most people to learn and the more you embrace it the better and more powerful it gets. To speak for myself, Reiki has helped me so much to develop and taught me the power of good. I have a good reiki practice going for in-person and distant healings.

My YouTube Channel

I have been making great YouTube Reiki and ASMR videos since 2016 and have over 63,000 subscribers. They love my Reiki ASMR videos for relaxation and sleep. Others, enjoy them for my relaxing voice and of course the pleasant tingles that some get from ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response.) Here is my YouTube Channel link https://www.youtube.com/@NeilCooperReiki

Distant Remote Healings Available

Neil Cooper Reiki Healing  https://www.neilcoopers.com/services/

Please take a look at my course and if you feel it is right for you, I wish you a good and happy Reiki journey :)

Love and Light, Neil.